I know you’re probably not even looking at any of this.


what the fuckkkkkkkkk

why did you have to die right now?! Why cant i even get that message out?!?!?!?!?!?!

I keep trying to turn it back on over and over. i know that i should just wait a little, but every moment that passes is painful.

window closing.

and of course my fucking phone dies and wont turn back on while im trying to text back.

I guess thats the bad thing about typing long messages.

Yeah, fun night out.

Yeah, fun night out.

I was asking the wrong question. Must of been a Facebook message or something.
I see.
Someone you’re eager to reply to.

Lost my privilege. Should of figured you’d find someone else immediately. Immediately. Lucky guy. Fuck all of this.

I wasn’t supposed to pick up.
I guess when someone disappears you wonder where they are, what they’re doing, I just wish you didn’t assume things that are so very far from the truth.
I’m not doing the things I did last year.
That method never worked.
The same feeling of emptiness, but now I accept I can’t fill it.


Painful reminder that nothing changed.